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Evidence-Based Benefits from Delta Dental

Delta Dental of New Mexico’s standard plan designs now include enhanced preventive benefits to improve the health of people with specific high-risk medical conditions.
Under the new designs, individuals with the following at-risk conditions are eligible for coverage of up to four routine teeth cleanings or four periodontal maintenance cleanings per benefit period:

  • Diabetics with periodontal disease
  • Pregnant women with periodontal disease
  • Individuals at risk for infective endocarditis
  • Individuals with renal failure/dialysis
  • Individuals with suppressed immune systems, from chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment, HIV positive status, organ transplant and stem cell (bone marrow) transplant
  • Head and neck radiation patients

Head and neck radiation patients are also eligible for coverage of professionally applied fluoride treatments up to twice per benefit period.

Delta Dental of New Mexico is committed to improving the health of New Mexicans. Scientific research shows that an individual’s oral health can have a significant impact on other health conditions. By having their teeth professionally cleaned more often, at-risk individuals can help reduce the build-up of bacteria in their mouth, which can contribute to these medical conditions.

For more information about these benefits, download the Evidence-Based Benefits Information Sheet.